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What is Gynecomastia

  • It is a condition where men have enlarged ?female type? breasts ot ?man boobs?. Male chest reduction treatment (gynecomastia) is becoming an increasingly popular solution for men who wish to restore self-confidence. Gynecomastia can be caused by common medications, anabolic steroids, natural or synthetic estrogen hormone derivatives, herbal or growth supplements, marijuana (Gaanja), alcohol abuse, chronic liver failure, renal failure and Obesity. Gynecomastia surgery can alleviate the physical discomfort endured and may also relieve social distress related to the gynecomastia condition.

How to Get Rid of Gynaecomastia

  • Male breast reduction surgery reduces overly developed male breasts and nipples using liposuction and/or by surgically removing excess glandular tissue. The treatment has evolved phenomenally in the hands of trained Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons who treat the condition with Liposuction and/or excision of the gland through small key holes well concealed in the areola.
Procedure Duration

Approximately one and one-half to three hours.


Either general anesthesia is used or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia are used. Patient safety is our highest priority.

Inpatient / Outpatient
  • This is an outpatient procedure. The patients return home the same day of the operation.
Possible Side Effects
  • Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness, and/or a burning sensation are possible.
  • Risks
    • Infection, fluid build-up (seroma), injury to the skin, rippling or looseness of the skin, asymmetry, excessive scarring if tissue was cut away, loss of nipple sensation, contour irregularities and in some instances the need for a second procedure to remove additional tissue is required.
    • The patient may go back to work after four days. More strenuous activity may be resumed after two to three weeks. Most of the swelling and bruising will disappear after four to six weeks. You will be asked to wear a compression garment by your Plastic Surgeon which has to be pre-ordered.
    • Permanent, although subsequent significant or massive weight gain may cause the breast area to once again become larger.